We Track Live Strandings Worldwide

Anthropogenic Noise and Live Strandings*

A list of recent strandings that occurred in the vicinity of Big Oil seismic surveys:

1/25/2014, Australia, beaked whale

12/8/14, Australia, sperm whales

10/13/14, Philippines, sperm whale

10/7/14, USA, FL, mom and baby Dwarf Sperm whales

10/4/14, Mexico, beaked whale

9/10/14, Ireland, mass stranding, 60-70 dolphins

9/9/14, Gabon, humpback whale

9/7/14, UK, Scotland, pregnant minke whale

9/5/14, Norway, mass stranding of 25+ pilot whales

8/29/14, Scotland, unidentified beaked whale

8/28/14, Faroe Islands, mass stranding, 5 northern bottlenose whales

8/17/14, USA, MA, minke whale

7/14/14, USA, Florida, melon-headed whale

7/7/14, Ireland, pilot whales

6/24-7/3/14, Cape Verde, pilot whales and dolphins

6/12-6/27/14, Trinidad and Tobago, melon-headed whale and unidentified dolphin

6/28/14, USA, Texas, young bottlenose dolphin

6/24/14, Ireland, Cuvier’s beaked whale (underwater operations)

6/19/14, USA, Texas, melon-headed whale

6/14/14, USA, NY, common dolphins

6/14/14, Spain, 12 striped dolphins, unknown oceanographic operations

06/12/14, USA, Florida, 2 spotted dolphins

6/6/14, Canary Islands, Spain, sperm whale

4/24/14, Argentina, Arnoux’s beaked whale stranding

4/16/14, Indonesia, mass stranding of 20+ rough-toothed dolphins & 40 unidentified whales

4/15/14, Philippines, Blainville’s beaked whale

3/31/14, Spain, fin whale

2/22/14, South Africa, Winterstrand, pilot whales

2/20/14, New Zealand, Kaku Beach, pilot whale

2/20/14, New Zealand, Motu River, beaked whale

1/17/14, New Zealand, pilot whales

1/14/14, New Zealand, mass stranding pilot whales

01/06/14, New Zealand, mass stranding pilot whales

*We looked for anthropogenic activities happening before and during live strandings.

Distance ranged between less than 100 miles to more than several hundreds miles. We cannot establish direct causal connection because information is scarce and in many cases full necropsy reports are not publicly available